Blessed Be

*A poem I wrote to honor a friend. -BLESSED BE- “To that which is Before you were The Light which frames The form you are


Intention -Nov. ’22

-INTENTION- “Intention is an expression of a highly focused will. When imagination is added to this powerful act All possibilities become available and of service


Being A “Whole” Human -Oct. ’22

-BEING A “WHOLE” HUMAN- “Being human is a profoundly elusive experience. With so many (including myself) speaking of awakening and ascension, I find myself detecting


The Show Must Go On -Oct. ’22

-THE SHOW MUST GO ON- “I heard a song recently called “The Show Must Go On” The person singing the song was fully embodied in


To Shine -Oct. 22, ’22

-TO SHINE- “Throughout these challenging times the greatest test we are facing is how will we stand in our resolve. Many efforts are being deployed


Multidimensional Beings

-MULTIDIMENSIONAL BEINGS- “What we ‘think’ we are are is much less than what we ‘know’ we are. To actually know is to feel the essence


Gratitude -Oct. ’22

-GRATITUDE- The highest form of generosity is gratitude. No matter the situations or challenges that befall us No matter how they play out in the


Living Ecstatic

-LIVING ECSTATIC- What is it that gives meaning to being alive? What gets me up every day and do what I do? To what end


Zero Point -October ’22

-ZERO POINT- As much as I am always drawn to the ineffable mysteries of the soul and to see and acknowledge the beauty of life