I stood on a road

Whose path I did not choose

Whose view was only partial

Maybe at the next curve

I will know the objective

of my ceaseless desires

Hope upon hope

drives the train of my thoughts

and my undulant movement

Meanings come and go

like my incessant breath

sustaining temporary permanence

The earth shakes

with every step I take

An earthquake of trepidation

For what I will lose

even though I know

my loss will be my gain

And who will it be

this man in the mirror

who has no name?

Lost in wonder

with nothing to claim

along this metamorphic road

My questions become answers

to more questions

circles within circles

The thin tissues of the self

form outer layers

to something much deeper

This road is hollowing me out

into a sacred vessel

where the wind songs of the soul can play

Such ecstatic elocution

of tonal bliss

become slipstreams of reverie

A movement from Me to We

to All That Is, I Am.

The road and I are One

And there

in my illusion of aloneness

I stand as one among many

Beside Myself.

-Tru WindWalker

Feb. 6th, 2024