SIMPLE THINGS (Series #2 Music)

SIMPLE THINGS (Series #2 Music)

The response of a sweetly-toned heart

beating to the sounds of music

that are woven and strung together

like lyrical dreams of motion

carried upon roads of brokenness and recovery,

confusion and the suspense of discovery,

mending  one’s deeply held despair

with hope, vision, and fortitude,

with the willingness to receive

what shame would never allow you to have,

realizing your song of grace can still be heard,

that melodious story that is singing you,

and encouragingly sung through the eyes

of a stranger or friend

whose loving hands reach out toward you

to play the notes of your heart-strings once again,

and massage the soothing oil of your forgotten song

tenderly and deeply back into your soul,

holding  you in quiet repose

and arousing an epidemic of strength and confidence;

lighting a fire of determination,

an unwavering will to carry on

toward the promise held within every fiber of your being

that you will know and find your time to rise,

As the simple beat of a steady drum

plays a rhythm to your feet,

a strong pulse to your blood,

and forcing your breath

to be the wind behind your flight.

Leaves will fall from the vines of all sorrow,

Warm breezes will coax a smile of joy

you thought irretrievable.

Such is the gift and urging whisper

of music, harmony, and friendship,

easing the tension of resistance,

melting  your frozen postures of fear

and the angry voices of blame.

As you listen to the brief étude of gentle rain

tapping onto a glass still lake

you experience the free and simple symphony

of life’s renewal and refreshment,

so easily forgotten but always near

to those who listen with a grateful and open heart.

-TruGuy Starhorse Jan. 24, 2024