Oh, beauteous Mother

Gracious and all pervasive

In the smallest of things

You kiss the wild diversity of life


The lone tree amidst a desert

Whose green contrast

Is an oasis to the arid sand


The water bled mountains

Dance the jagged cliffs


You, whose oceans

Caress the welcoming shores

Just as we do

When long  we have searched

For a land we can call our own


Sacred mounds of earth

Dip like a painters brush

Into the valleys mist


Your four legged children

Feasting on your table of green


The tiny numerous Arthropods

Bees, Flies, Beetles, grasshoppers

and the no-see-ums

So vital and taken for granted


The vast fields of yellow centred

White petaled daisies

And all floral beauty

So delicately singing your praise


The arching  bad-land carvings

Whose sunlit hues

Of red, rust, and tourmaline

Expose their seductive contours


The cycle of seasons

Expressing energetic geometry


The leopard spotted tree tops

As seen from high above


The multi-coloured fields of agriculture

Smiling pure and abundant


Crystalline water pools

Rising from deep cavernous chambers


The vast eternal skies

Of aqua blue

Behind the marshmallow clouds


The soaring majestic flight of birds

Ballerinas of the sky


A mother’s belly moans of joy

As her child enters the world


The man who toils the earth

In service to you, Great Mother

Who even when lost

Finds rest and forgiveness

In your bosom


The tears we spill

For our neglect of you

For our forgetfulness

And lost wisdom

Finding again and again

Your endless patience

And welcoming hand


Oh, Beauteous Mother

Shine, as you always have

Even more deeply within me


As I find that bridge

Between the Heart and Mind

Where Love is held

Most preciously.

-TruGuy Starhorse

Feb. 18, 2024