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Tru Guy Stefan was inspired in 2016 to release his possessions and come west across Canada from Toronto ultimately landing in Alberta to devote his retirement years to sharing music, stories and a variety of facilitation skills in order to inspire and uplift communities along the way and to explore surrendering to the wisdom of the heart.

Tru is an Ambassador of the Heart, a Poet, Author, Music Messenger, and a Singer-Songwriter with a voice that soothes the soul.

He has given much of his life to service. He has worked as a professional Shiatsu Therapist for 30 years combining it with various forms of therapeutic counseling. He worked with street Youth in Toronto; as a Psych Assistant and group facilitator on a locked forensic unit at the Clarke Institute of Psychiatry along with serving many other sectors of society. He has certifications in a number of modalities to help people navigate change, healing and renewal.

His writings express deep reflections about the human condition and the search for embodying the divine.  Tru offers intimate house concerts including bringing his music to festivals, special events and loves to collaborate with other artists as well. He also gives guided meditations and group workshops on exploring growth and awareness about your true authentic expression. His blog is a daily journey into self reflection and contemplation.

Currently, he is releasing a beautiful album called “Surrender To Love” produced by the infinitely gifted Chris Birkett who has produced Buffy Sainte Marie, Sinead O’Connor and many others. In addition, Tru has written a deeply heartfelt book by the same name as the album where each chapter is titled after each song on the album.

Tru thinks of himself as a simple pilgrim with boots on the ground who has and continues to weave the many stories that he has heard and shared with common people from all walks of life. His inspirational messages speak to these current times of upheaval and renewal with a vision for bringing into our personal and collective consciousness a unified and loving world.