Hunter’s Moon Oct. 9th, ’22

Hunters Moon “The Hunters moon Shines bright tonight And forest trails Are all alight With lover’s dreams Where Hearts take flight Amidst the moody Realms



(Empathic Reflection for…) -HUMANITY- The toll so many have paid Trying to get to another day As the pain beats down on their door With


To Stand Alone

-TO STAND ALONE- “I choose to write Those things that burn A memory in your heart Where once you knew In child-like wonder The mysteries


Who Are You?

-WHO ARE YOU?- At the heart of this question is the famous quote from the Shakespearian play Hamlet: “To be or not to be, that


Nature Speaks

After a day spent in Nature -Nature Speaks- “The clarion call of nature Pulsates the elements That makes me up. Deep and transparent greens Shimmer


An Invitation

AN INVITATION What inspires you? What lifts you above the weight of this world? What makes your spirit soar upon wings of joy? What calls


Cosmic Motion Picture

The historical and present long-planned strategies to dominate and control the Human-Being are simply feeble attempts to make us doubt our true stature and role


Eternal Promise -August 2022

-ETERNAL PROMISE- When all is said and done, In the language of the common, A space opens up, A vacuum where no words apply, And