Love is something we cannot possess,

For we ARE Love

The idea of possessing love

comes from the ego

Love is something we cannot possess

It possesses us

My ego projects love OUT THERE

As something that needs to be acquired

Something I need to be worthy of having

Love is something we cannot possess

It can only be held like water

As something that pours through us

Felt, tasted, and made more powerful

By virtue of our letting it go

Love is something we cannot possess

As an object enticing the eyes

In our desire for the permanence

Of physical outward beauty

As we  compulsively seek the fountain of youth

Love is something we cannot possess

Any more than we can harness freedom

As something we can control

Make the rule of law

Or divvy out according to compliance

Love is a wind that has no preference

But itself

It cannot judge or punish

For it allows all things

To find their own way

Love is beyond expectation

As all outcomes are freely chosen

Right or wrong

Will not cause its restraint

Or coax preferential favouritism

Love is its own result

Graciously given

Infinitely woven

Into the fabric of life

And all manifestation

Love is not the opposite of hate

It has no opposite

Hate is simply our resistance

To being more available

To Love’s Grace

Love cannot be experienced

Through concepts

And the convoluted filters

Of mind-driven emotions

Attempting to have things conform to what we want

Love is something that cannot be possessed

It is a generous invitation

To surrender one’s will

To servicing

Boundless benevolence

Love is That

Which promises more

When all you have

Has been given away

With no fear of lack

For poverty

is the grasping hand

Fearing what it will not have

If one’s wealth and love

Is unreservedly shared.

Love cannot be possessed.

-TruGuy Starhorse

Feb. 9, 2024