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Tru's New Album: Surrender To Love

With all that has deeply affected us from 2019 to 2022 I wanted to create an album that would bring more comfort, healing and love to humanity. 

This album is both personal and universal. The first 10 songs were produced by my dear friend and multi-instrumentalist, Chris Birkett, who has produced many great artists such as Buffy Saint Marie, Sinead O’connor and many more. 

The instrumentation is made up of much variety including harp, hand drums, guitars, choirs, flute, overtone chant, crystal bowls, pipes, harmonies and more. 

I added four live bonus tracks of only voice and guitar. 

The songs express the many faces of love and are meditative and devotional ballads, as well as inspiring the listener to slow dance to some.

May they touch your soul and inspire you to feel and know greater wisdom and love. 

Album Cover Artwork: Sarah Clark at

Surrender to Love – Full Album

Album CD’s available, please contact Tru directly to purchase.

Surrender to Love - Individual Tracks

1. In The Arms of Love

2. Mother of Mercy

3. Travellers

4. Passages in Time

5. Come to Me Child

6. The Call

7. I am One with You

8. Falling into Love

9. Love Is

10. My Love for You

11. Field of Light

12. There’s So Much More

13.  We Are the Ones

14. Spirit of Truth

Miscellaneous Tracks

1. I See You