How can I speak That

Which cannot be spoken

A mind beyond thinking

A thoughtless thought


How can I make sense of That

Where meaning has no senses

To touch That

Which has no form


How can being cherished

Be That which is

Already cherished

Neither near nor far


How can I wander

To where there is no distance

To That which lives

The illusion of time and space


How does the ocean move

Upon the shores of my heart

To That which beats

The drum of inner rhythm


How do I climb That

Which was a mountain

Only now to slip

As sand between my toes


How can I see That

Which has no screen

Whose only view

Comes and goes


How do I kiss

The hand of my beloved

Whose grasp I cannot hold

To That which only lets go


How can I hear That

Whose music sings

In the silence of listening

Where all sounds converge


How do I love That

Where love has always been

Like the knock

Of a stranger at my door


How do I become That

Where the becoming

is already done

As That which always was?

-Tru Starhorse

Feb 15, 2024