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The greatest pleasure for me when performing is when it takes place within an intimate setting.

That’s why House Concerts are one of my favourite types of venue.

There is still great satisfaction when I’m in a larger more public setting but smaller venues allow me to engage more intimately with the audience and truly experience more of a feedback loop.

Instead of the more traditional practice of performing to a passive audience, the audience and I get to converse with each other…like we are in each other’s living room.

Often we also share in a breaking of bread together through encouraging those attending to share in a potluck.

This allows us to get to know each other and break down the barrier of “performer” and “audience”. Friendships form and a community develops where everyone’s value gets to be appreciated.

Like the ancient tradition of the traveling troubadour whose creative purpose was to link communities to each other and share the stories that connect us all.

This is my dearest wish in sharing my songs, music, stories, poetry and inspired guidance…

All in service to love and communal synergy, harmony, and the living out of our individual and collective potential. A new way to experience a “concert”!

If you have a space where you would like me to bring a House Concert and such an experience please email me to set it up and we can discuss further details.

Also, keep in mind, House Concerts are a great way to get yourself noticed in the community and create more support for what YOU would like to share with the world.

If you have a larger venue you’d like me to perform at I would be very happy to explore that possibility as well.

This page will also be where I will announce upcoming events that you may be interested in attending. Whatever your interest, I look forward to meeting and seeing you ‘out there’!

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