Your Brilliance -Dec. 31st, 2022


There is a spark within you,
a voice that keeps reminding you,
of all that is your brilliance,
of all that is possible,
of all that you truly are.
It never leaves,
it just becomes layered over
by voices of habit and compulsion,
of those redundant beliefs,
stuck on the tracks
of self-limitation,
of small thinking,
of fear-filled acceptance.
Your brilliance knows
what your mind struggles to see,
what your mind tries to control.
Your brilliance is a Phoenix
of renewal…every day.
It does no doubt,
It does not hesitate,
It is not afraid of the unknown,
but celebrates it,
Is eager for it,
It Is ready to dive deep
into the dreamscape
of your unbounded discoveries.
Your brilliance is calling you right now,
as you read these words,
It brings echoes of timeless remembrance,
from the Source of that
which you have always been,
to bring the seeds
of your imaginings
into the full brilliance of manifestation.
Your brilliance does not seek guarantees,
It does not need predictabilities,
for it is the master of creativity
and flexibility.
It takes all problems as possibilities,
as an invitation to expand,
as the wind beneath the wings
of your optimism and resilience.
It shines back to you
through the mirror of your love,
through the filter of your courage
to face the unstoppable expression
of your soul, your reason for being,
your purpose for being here.
Your Brilliance is YOU,
in ways, you never thought possible.
It will never give up,
for it is the air you breathe.
It is forever patient and forgiving
and respects your right to choose,
and it waits with anticipation,
just as the tightly held bud
begins to open
as the rising sun
heralds its beauty to come forth.
Your brilliance can be seen
in a child’s first step,
never daunted or deterred
from getting up and trying again.
Have faith to face the darkness
by lighting a candle of hope
whose flame becomes so brilliant
no darkness remains.
-TruGuy Starhorse Dec. 31st, 2022