Moments of Enchantment -Dec. 30th, 2022


Meadows flush with color
thriving upon the valley floor
flowers flourishing under the kissing sun
A mountain’s summit captures
my every breath
as the valley far below
spreads its beauty before me
My lungs breathe in
the brisk air
of forests
fresh and clear
Sheep graze over
bucolic landscapes
as pastoral shepherds
tend lovingly to their flock
Clouds captivate
my dreamy imagination
as they slide across
bright blue skies
Cliffside curtains
of falling water
weave their way
into gentle cascading pools
Tender shoots of flora
push their way
through the fragile floor
of mountain meadows
My cheeks turn rosy
as the crisp Autumn winds
breach the shielding cotton
of my scarf
The orange setting
of the sun
wash over the dazzling
face of mountains
Baby ducklings
follow their mother
to the enchanting
sparkles of rivers
Elusive layers of fog
present an ethereal view
of the panoramic
early morning pastures
Rainforests bustle and sing
of flourishing habitats
in chorus with every species
of plant, animal, insect, and fungi
Rainbows sweep
their glorious arcs
across rain-dripped skies
through sunlit prisms
The soft pink glow
of heaven
spreads peace and warmth
upon the idyllic land
Birdsongs swell
above the lush
abundant green
of Douglas Firs
Translucent shimmers
of heavy dew
soaked leaves
bowing to the earth
Half buried
in the warm sand
while pristine waters rejuvenate
and tingle my toes
beach pebbles
glowed as if
from within
The mountain side
carpet canopy of tree tops
looked like beds
for sleeping giants
The verdant hills
shone like emeralds
against the vast
aqua blue sky
The concentric swirl
of rose petals
shows the majesty and intricacy
of nature’s delicate beauty
All of this and more
reminds me that
nature’s eloquence,
laughs in the face
of boredom
and provides precious moments
of profound insight
and spell-binding enchantment
whose grandiloquent impressions
feed and revitalize
the spirit and soul.
-Tru Guy Stefan Dec. 30th, 2022