The Humility of Being Truth -Jan. 3rd, 2023


As I think, thus I am.
To be great
there is nothing I need to accomplish
but to be that which I am.
That which already knows
how great I am,
celebrating the gifts given to me,
to be of service, as the offspring,
of Divine Truth.
I create nothing,
but that which is eternally
creating and celebrating me
through my willingness
to offer That which I Am
back to All That Is.
I do not own anything,
All that I appear to possess
is simply passing through me.
It is not meant to remain,
only to serve my passages in time.
Only Truth remains
and serves to revitalize
the essence of my I Am
timeless presence.
These words are not mine,
they have been carried on the wind
and voices of all our ancestors,
and the wisdom keepers
throughout time immemorial.
They sing from the bellies of birds
heralding each day from the treetops,
they share sweet music for my soul
while never claiming or asking
for royalties.
They know and share
the art of giving for giving sake.
Truth perpetuates the normal flow
of the Beauty Way,
It expresses consummate regeneration,
the art of being and not being.
My thoughts are the brush
upon the canvas of my life.
All power is short-lived.
Only Truth remains.
All attempts to destroy
or alter it are futile attempts
to deceive the mindless observer.
Truth is Truth,
incorruptible and universal.
There is no escape, only avoidance.
Love is the handmaiden of Truth,
forever gracious to the sincere of heart.
Such sincerity is the root of humility,
as we look, live, work, and enjoy
Being and sharing our Truth.
-Tru Starhorse Jan 3rd, 2023
Photo by Tom Bradley on Unsplash