Oh, You

Most elusive one

Indefinite and subtle

You, who see’s

But cannot be seen

You, who experiences

But is not the experiencer

You, who remains still

Amidst the ebb and flow

Of my emotional turbulence

You, who cannot speak

That which is speechless

You, whose voice

Is a feeling

Sung through the heart

And felt beyond the senses

You, who sows love

In gardens of rapture

And the ancient memories

O Being

You, who weaves through

The nets of attachment

Where longing  is no longer

You, who forgives

The need to be forgiven

Whose love

Is always open

And never forgotten

You, descending gently

Like pure white snowflakes

Covering me in silence

Muting the sounds

Of my internal war

You, the salted tears

Of acceptance

Pouring down my cheek

You, who teach

The wisdom of innocence

And the freedom of awareness

You, whose Light of understanding

Shines through the darkness of obscurity

You, sweet poetry in motion

Nimble and light-footed

Upon the rugged terrain of my doubts

You, who have always been

The best of me

Where no fear exists

And all roads ultimately

Lead back to YOU.

TruGuy Starhorse

March 1, 2024