Abundance is what fills my lungs

The breath of life for songs unsung

I am the earth I stand upon

And find the gifts that make me strong

These noble trees that log the past

Where wisdom rests until I ask

How can I think I am bereft

Of what I need and always get

If I but move to Nature’s way

I find there’s wealth in every day


Abundance is not just in things

Or what the winning buzzer brings

It’s not the job or trophy wife

Or what we call a shining knight

But that which makes you give away

Encouragement in what you say

For only in the giving will

Can hearts enjoin and be fulfilled

By that which brings what most we need

From every thought, a loving seed.


Abundance is all that I am

A generous wish upon the land

Unseen drops fall on dry soil

So flowers grow beyond the toil

As seasons turn and cycles spin

There is a time for everything

But most important to such grace

Is the duty we must face

To bow in humble thankfulness

For all that comes and blesses us.

-TruGuy Stefan

March 12, 2024