When I Write-July 1st, 2022

-When I Write-

When I write, I am speaking to that which is speaking to me.

And listening with the ear of my ear, for the ether sings if I but listen.

So many voices can be found there, in the silence, in the ripples of the voiceless cries, and in the secret soliloquies weaving through time.

When I write, I fall into a deep receptivity and a profound trust. I surrender to what is living through me.

This living essence is bringing me to the edge of who I say I am and the I Am I have always been.

It is the force that speaks me into life, that heralds the coming of my going, the impermanence that keeps me free.

It teaches me to remain open to the knowledge of not knowing, to the records of all that has been and will become.

When I write, I soak in the joyful anticipation of what will emerge, just as the morning sun lights up the beginning spectacles of a new day.

I play with my child-like innocence eagerly awaiting each new and resplendent gem that was so generously given and always available to my unbridled Yes.

Nothing is required of me except the open palms of my willingness to receive and create whatever lifts the joy in my heart.

I suspend the urge to control, for control always arises from fear and forgetting how much the wings of grace guide my way.

It is the discovery that life is doing me instead of me doing life.

When I write, my words become a passageway to the wordless realms of my imagination.

Spirit is the wind bringing peace in its’ stillness and renewal through its’ gale.

In the beginning, was the Word and the Word became flesh.

I shall Be-come that which I re-sound!

I carry a treasure awaiting its release from the prisons of my resistance.

Angels, Guides, and the Wise Ones applaud the courage to be the word and truth of Essence.

They sing the songs of our way to remembrance as allies to truth and beauty.

When I write, I disappear while unknown hands move my pen and allow my essence to reveal my radiance.

It matters not that you read my words more than my need to write them, but if they touch a place that sings in you, may they inspire the essence of your dance upon this precious earth.

-Tru Guy Starhorse

(Image by Pexels from Pixabay )