Planting a Relationship


When the Prince asked the Fox
“How can we become friends?”
The fox replied,
“You sit over there and I’ll sit over here,
and every day we’ll sit a little closer to each other.”
For it is not about words,
It’s not about doing anything,
It is about the simplicity of being
fully present to each other.
As the bud becomes fully available
to the light of the sun,
while beauty patiently and steadily emerges.
Water flows as all it encounters yields
to its fluidity and gentle persistence.
The pain of life dissolves
through the silent act of my acceptance,
And through the willingness to forgive
my resistance to change
allowing for new possibilities to arise,
beyond all my expectations.
The “Way” is found
as part of the natural passage of all things.
There is nothing to accomplish,
For the “will” of emergence is encoded
within every cell of my very DNA,
I Am “That” I Am.
Love waters the planting of all relationships,
It sings the songs of the inherent joy,
Smiling like a sun down upon every
awakening moment,
And as I bask in this gifting radiance
all about me flourishes,
Like the plant, I greet every morning
as I raise the blinds to let in the morning rays.
and stroke her tender leaves to convey
the energy of my deepest gratitude
for her beautiful and sacred symmetry,
As I feel the Creator herself bathing my eyes
in her speechless wonder and grace.
All relationships are like a garden
being tended by my sitting a little closer
to her glory every day.
-TruGuy Starhorse June 27th, 2022