Knowledge Is Power-July 2022

We have all heard it said that knowledge is power,
And so we seek it for the power it gives,
seldom diving into the depths of what this means.
And without such inquiry, we fall
Into power for power’s sake.
Like an addiction, we become drunk
on the endorphins of feeling omnipotent,
On feeling that we can control it,
forgetting that this power does not
come from us,
It is a gift and a sacred response-ability.
It cannot be possessed but only pass through us,
And as it does we have a duty
to use it wisely and compassionately,
To not do so is to invite our own
self-destruction, causing so much
suffering for others,
Since, what is given will, and can, always
be taken away.
The greatest magnificence of realizing our potential
comes from the acquisition of knowledge.
It comes to us in many ways,
For we have several minds,
several centers of intelligence
that are designed to work
in collaboration with each other.
To know and work with our full intelligence
We are encouraged by its very nature
to employ the profound interplay
of intuitive In-Sight
Discovered by allowing the emotional mind
to feel into the physical mind,
to then sense the eureka of the intellectual mind,
verified by the energy of our spiritual mind,
and finally held in the harmonious
and loving embrace of our Heart-Mind.
While much of the animal world navigate
through instinctual impulses,
It is only within the human being
that we have the will and ability
to violate Natural Law…
And we have done so many times throughout history,
But this is always done at great cost and extreme suffering.
We have forgotten over and over through many epochs the consequences of our addiction to power,
and the fact that Great Nature will only allow us
to go so far before our scorpion sting
aims its’ venom back on us,
Natural Law is immutable
and integral to the balance and harmony of life.
Only when my knowledge is used to be in the chorus
with Natural Order am I worthy of having power,
And profoundly blessed when using it.
May these times where we teeter on the brink
of our own catastrophic demise
because of so much abuse of power,
provide us with the teachings that we need
to bring all of our minds and hearts into loving alignment,
so a new era of Peace, Love, and Beauty may prevail for All.
May it be so…and so it IS!
(Image by FelixMittermeier from Pixabay)