What Is My Story? -Dec. ’22


We all have a story to tell.
Often we have heard ourselves or others say,
“That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!”
Not realizing that the path to my full awareness
involves microscopic discernment.
Is my story truly mine,
or is it a story that I have allowed
to be grafted onto me
and that I have taken to be undeniable?
So many are uncomfortable in their own skin,
feeling they have to change the external
impressions of themselves,
as if the outer costume
will change the inner essence of who they are.
And who are we, if not the stories
we tell ourselves.
Are these stories solid and permanent
or are they simply a house of mirrors?
Am I the story that fits
into the expectations of others?
Am I the story that protects me
from what I don’t want to see or face?
Am I here living out incarnational stories?
Psychotherapy has been said to be
a process of telling our story
until we get it straight.
I have come to view this as an opening,
an invitation to no longer be
the victim of a story,
or the prey within a spiders web
of self-entrapment and illusion.
Our adventure in this life
is at its most vibrant and fulfilling
when we begin to accept ourselves
as the co-creator of the story we live.
Our conscious evolution reveals
our true nature to us, as myth-makers,
and authors drawing from Source energy,
the writing and manifesting of our story.
This is when soul evolution begins.
It is the blending of my own soul’s purpose
aligned with the greater evolution of worlds.
Fundamentally, my personal story
is meant to be one of service…
to myself first, and then, to all of creation,
for I do not exist outside of the
story of creation itself.
Then, my story becomes an invitation
for everyone to come to a banquet table
of storytelling where we laugh, love,
and become nourished
by the rich diversity of many stories in One.
What is my story if not the celebration
of yours as well?
May we create a more beautiful world
through the stories, we tell and share.
Love and blessings,
-Tru Guy Starhorse Dec.29th, 2022