Healing The Rift -Dec. 2022


Most days I am guided by Spirit
to explore and write about
the various themes that tell a story
about the human experience
and its relationship to the spirit
of our creative and divine Source.
It is my own personal inquiry
as much as it is an attempt
to speak to what touches us all.
I often feel like I am simply a stenographer
sitting in the court of heaven’s grace,
passing on what I am hearing and feeling,
while claiming no authority over what is being shared.
I often feel humbled and wrapped
in a blanket of service,
compelled as I am to bring my pen to paper.
And yet, there is also a deep impetus
and pull within the core of my own being
to heal a pervasive sense of separation,
that sense that only half of me exists,
while some other half cries for its
completion and reunification.
The lover yearns for the arms of its beloved.
So much of this yearning becomes externalized,
as I reach for my substance beyond form,
from a world full of fragile outer shells
where I find myself grasping at smoke,
and the temporary fleeting pleasures
of the body.
In this fallen universe duality prevails,
and I often only see the fences between us.
While polarity allows for a continuum,
an experience of Light and Dark
being of service to each other,
of teaching lessons that only exist
within this realm of fallen grace.
The song of my soul is that of redemption,
singing from those realms un-fallen,
where no lessons are necessary.
Healing this Rift reveals the magnificence
of what it feels like to be a whole-human-being,
to be a divine child of the Creator.
It is why I came
It is why I create
It is why I love
It is why I surrender
It is why I desire
to see only the good in you
and in all things.
It is my true nature
It is the divine eloquent expression
of the Prime Creator
pouring itself through matter…
unblemished and basking in
the pure joy of manifestation.
My purpose and calling is to accept
the falling away of all that separates me
from my, and your, magnificence
and to nurture more and more
that which reveals the Love, Light, and Joy
of our physical and ethereal embodiment.
Healing the Rift between what is above and below
is what is calling to us as never before
and brings with it, a time of profound magnetism
and the exquisite ascension being offered to each of us.
May you be still, and know the Truth of this!
With Love,
-Tru Starhorse Dec. 28th, 2022