What If? -June 2023

What if you are okay just where you are?
Not so you can just sit back and be complacent,
but so exactly where you are
can help you see the gift being offered
to awaken your possibilities,
so you can discover a breakthrough,
a window to a view beyond what you have
habitually seen and accepted.
What if everything in your life
is there to be of service?
What if your pain is your teacher,
your fear, your call to courage,
your doubts, your opportunity to believe?
What if change, is your doorway to resilience?
What if your dreams are not impossible,
but a natural way to live and feel most alive?
What if you are so much more
than what you have said you just have to accept?
What if being yourself is not about seeking permission?
What if all authority is about keeping you small?
What if our mistakes and transgressions
invite us to humility and compassion?
What if the innocence we were born with
is the key to wisdom?
What if letting go
gives us so much more to cherish?
What if you can stand on your own
yet never feel alone?
What if the company of heaven
is in every blade of grass,
the sun on your face,
the winds whisper through the trees,
the soothing music of a brook,
the silence that speaks,
and the kindness of a stranger.
What if life is a banquet
where all are welcome
to dine in the gardens of eternal abundance?
What if the question is the answer?
-Tru Starhorse June 24th, 2023 ❤