Free Fall

-Free Fall-
Watching multiple concentric rings appear and disappear as the rain gently dances upon the puddles.
A fractal of chaotic order.
A lilac tree’s leaves sway haphazardly, spreading the rain-drenched upper branches’ moisture to all other parts of the tree.
The violet flowers smile their blossoms with abandon as my eyes are bathed in their beauty.
Rhythms of conversations weave meaning and pitch, excitement and interest all about as my fellow diners interrupt their responses with mouthfuls of breakfast delight.
I am a witness, a voyeur of life’s moments, an empty vessel of receptivity.
Gradually the watcher recedes into the silence of timeless remembrance as all that moves becomes motionless, as who I am, and the beings displayed, become increasingly difficult to pin down.
Like oil and water💧 certainty slips between my fingers 🙃 🖐
The river flows through me today and it feels good to be washed clean of effort.
I am the navigator and the sail, that which captures the precocious wind of change to help me to discover what only this moment knows.
As I free fall into my heart and the possibilities that speak to my soul, I am consumed by the Music of the Spheres. 🎶❤🪐🌌
-Starhorse 🌠🦄