Surrender -July 2023

“Our experiences are not linear
but a weaving wave of unexpected discoveries
where surrender is essential in navigating the eternal sea
of change going on inside and all around us.
When I surrender all the pain and struggles of my past
I come to see that nothing is simply gratuitous.
I unearth great wisdom, compassion, and gifts
within the shadows and veils of my confusion.
Fear prevents me from embracing my true freedom,
the freedom to let go of the familiar,
and to live with a deep trust in what is unknown.
Ironically, when I wholly surrender to each moment as it passes
I discover a great richness in living those moments.
We live in a house of mirrors where each image dissolves into the next
and all that remains is a fractal view of the chaos
that is ultimately creating unity and wholeness.
Only when I let go do I discover the gifts every experience is offering.”
-TruGuy Stefan July 6th, 2023
-Excerpt from my book, “Surrender To Love”
(Image by Tim Mossholder from Pixabay)