Voices -Jan. 28th, 2023


So many voices
in the hallways of appeal,
The sticky web
of verbal entrapment,
The many megaphones
of insurgent desperation,
The free voice of men and women
drowning in pools of double-speak,
and the forgotten art of integrity
and transparency.
So many voices
faintly heard in quiet rooms,
Where few ears can hear,
the echoing cries of the innocent.
Who to believe?
Who to trust?
Who to take to heart?
When did I lose my discernment,
and to what?
When did I stop listening
to my heart’s telling ways,
For what, have I forsaken
and betrayed my inner Speaker?
How is it that my own voice
has dimmed the Light of Knowing?
Trust is calling
and singing out to me,
Twisting the arm of my doubts,
Setting my sail to an open sea
where only the wind speaks
to those deeply listening
parts of me,
The currents become familiar again,
The stars, from which I came
guide my steadfast mariner
to where the home has always been,
to what is felt, not seen.
So many voices beg and beckon
from a place of fear,
and ravenous consumption,
of thinking, we could fail
to do the right thing,
of thinking others know better,
of feeling the shame of judgment
anger and marginalization.
The stallions that we are
cannot be tethered any longer.
We are not at our wit’s end!
We are at the tipping point of courage,
At the crest and crown of forbearance,
We are a chorus
of many voices in one,
of one voice in the many,
We are angels sounding our trumpets of Truth
shattering all discomforting dissonance.
We are a wave of volunteers,
in service to the healing
of our ancestors,
Keepers of a noble future for our children,
Stewards to Mother Gaia,
and Guardians to every voice
that longs to rise again fully embodied,
sharing our clear tones of brilliance,
that One Harmonic vibration
of every person’s homily to love.
-TruGuy Stefan Starhorse Jan. 28th, 2023
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay