Letting Go


To everything, there is a season
and a time to finally let go.
How long have we catered
to the old stories desperately being held onto?
Stories that we say are who we are.
Stories that become a net of self-indulgence,
self-deception, self-denial,
a false sense of personal identity,
and the only way we think
we can know self-acceptance,
self-love, and love from others,
which turns into
a sympathetic form of love,
a love of “poor me”
a love that keeps me stuck
within a vicious cycle of feeling “less than”
full of endless efforts where I try to
‘earn’ the love that I feel is vacant within me,
as if I don’t deserve to give
this love to myself, that I am not this love,
that it has to be bestowed upon me
by something or someone
that I believe to be greater than myself.
The old story of victimization and need,
when I think I am loving another,
actually demonstrates a love
that only timidly approximates any
real expression of true love,
for love disguised as hunger
consumes the giver and the receiver,
and each is laid waste
upon a desert of quenchless thirst.
Every day, we are invited
to a new story, a new enchantment.
And this can only come
from a profound experience of self-love.
It is the lesson and gift
of altruistic selfishness that I give to myself,
and from such a place
I end up having something
I can truly and selflessly give away…
A love that no longer grasps
for want of anything.
The old stories have kept me trapped
in a prison of my own making.
Letting go is the constant and true story
of love’s banquet laid out before me,
It is a self-perpetuating unfurling of abundance,
forever awakened and renewed
with each act and acceptance of self-love.
The time is NOW, for all that we have forsaken
to come to the surface, to be seen and faced,
so this new and resplendent life,
long awaiting our joyful and enthusiastic Yes,
can be lived and manifested beyond all,
we have ever imagined possible.
-TruGuy Stefan Starhorse Feb.2nd, 2023