That Once Was A Natural Way


The dimming down of our light
has produced a density,
a heavier and slower
relationship to what it means
to be vibrantly alive.
Over many lifetimes
of returning to such density
we have forgotten the possibilities
that still exist deep in our cellular memory.
To ‘awaken’ is to remember
our true natures,
the original blueprint
of self-regeneration,
and all the gifts available to us
in service to that.
We have been swimming through
a groggy state of numbing sleep.
We need to pinch ourselves hard
in order to penetrate and feel
the nerve endings of our remembrance.
We need to invite each moment
to be different,
to take us beyond
the self we so desperately cling to,
beyond the face we no longer
see clearly in the mirror.
Being confined is not our nature,
for our deepest urge is to
constantly expand,
to discover the more that we are.
We cling to our bodies
because we leave them
long before their natural lifespan.
Life is a whirlpool of cycles.
Our disappointments often come
from knowing we haven’t
completed a particular cycle,
We feel incomplete,
and thus, we fall into the tragedy
of not being fulfilled as we know we want to be.
Seize the eternity that can be felt in this moment,
Absorbed in the bliss
of its unrestricted movement
toward a circle of fulfillment.
It comes from the depths
of being fully present in what is,
not from past regrets
or future hopes,
but from all the life
that can be experienced
right here, right now.
The “I AM” of my existence is
That Once, That Was, before the Fall,
and shall be again, over and over,
Fulfilling the cycle that is, the Natural Way.
-Tru Starhorse Jan 19th,2023
(Image from Pixabay)