Let us speak of love.

I say, “Let Us” speak of love

because what created us

and what we essentially are

Is Love.

Love is a collective.

We all desire and seek it

due to forgetting our true nature.

It is love that gave human beings

the freedom to choose,

even the freedom to choose

not to love.

This is what makes Love unconditional

and why it forgives us when we stray

from our true nature.

The highest expression of our loving nature

is a form of love known as Agape.

Agape is a Greek word which means

unconditional love, charity of heart,

“to will the good of another.”

This type of love goes beyond

basic self-love with its emphasis on vanity

and selfishness, which is so central to egotism,

and yet, self-love, when experienced  as divine

can show us our true nature.

Agape is not Eros,

a Greek word for sexual passion

and the desire for intimacy,

Eros can “help the soul

to recall its inherent knowledge

of ideal beauty and spiritual truth” (Aristotle)

It can also manifest as Platonic love…

where we are able to love

without physical attraction.

Although Agape has been most often

associated with Christianity,

as the love of or for God

(regardless of what concept you may

or may not associate with the word ‘God’)

It is not the exclusive possession

of any religion.

Its purest essence and expression

is not ideological or dogmatic.

Agape is universal

and experienced most powerfully

through its action

and demonstrative impact.

As a dear friend often says,

“Love is a verb”

It is not enough to simply speak of love,

We must demonstrate it through our actions.

Agape is the highest, most complete form

of selfless love.

It is a love for self beyond ego.

It is loving another as oneself,

as the beauty emerging from

the Source of All That Is.

The great brush strokes of Agape love

can be seen throughout Nature

because Nature sacrifices itself

in order to be of true service

to the evolutionary needs of all life.

Our preoccupation with prejudice, war, greed,

fame, power, ideological superiority,

materialistic technocracy, insatiable consumerism

and territorial dominion

leaves our capacity to love castrated.

Through such activity we forget

our innocence and the generosity

of Love’s Grace expressing

the magnanimous nature of all existence,

and the only path to the peace we seek.

Agape love teaches us to transmute

our primal self-absorbed nature,

the complacency of self interest,

moving beyond sentimental love

into an empathic form of tough love,

which coalesces our hearts

into greater cooperative harmony

and pragmatic self-responsibility.

This is just a few of my reflections on Agape;

which encourages me to find my will

to love in ways I may have forgotten

or have rarely seen in this grasping world.

Yet, I am encouraged by how many more people

are awakening to this kind of love now.

May it be so for you as well.

-TruGuy Starhorse

April 21, 2024