May peace pour over me today
Like the the healing waters of life
Whose pristine molecules
Cleanse the surface discontent
Of all that gets beneath my skin
Soothing the dry irritations
Of my emotional eczema
Softening the cracked
and aging lines of unforgiveness
Intolerance and expectation
May the life force
Of water’s soothing penetration
Flood my entire grasping mind
With love
May peace breathe it’s compassion
Over every thought
Every immediate impulse to react
As I widen my embrace and invitation
To be in the company of One Heart
May peace pour through me today
As a holy wind blows through
The refreshing dawn of new beginnings
And the great ledger of life removes all accounts
From the deepest parts of myself
Let love be born
As Spring flowers
Break through the melting surface
Of my winter’s frozen earth
May this rife and resilient renewal
Liberate and clarify
The energy behind my feelings
and direction in life
As all my intentions reflect and shine
Upon the still water’s of Truth
As they are known to me now
From that hidden place within
I make peace
With whatever see’s fault
Or separation
And like a lover toward the Beloved
I am in service to love
and create life and beauty
from the dust of all misgivings.
-TruGuy Stefan 🌷❤️🌷
April 11th, 2024