Thought is a construct

Made up of impressions,

Impressions being experienced

in this moment,

And impressions that have been

stored in memory


The more powerfully

We emotionally identify with a thought

The more powerfully

our thoughts have influence over us


More than physical reality,

We live in landscapes of thought


The old saying,

“I think, therefore I am”

Is misleading

and only partially true,

I would reframe it by saying,

“I think, therefore I have the opportunity

to choose what I believe to be true

about who I am.”


Individual Truth is a personal and temporary

reference point,

It is not a political consensus.


Truth is experienced subjectively,

And always asks the question:

“Who am I?”


The “I AM” part of the equation

is a universal mystery

to the thinking mind,

An infinite adventure of inquiry


Our inquisitiveness provides us with experiences

where we get to taste and compare

the relativity of materialistic illusions

It is a passage, not a deterministic end result


This is the nature and function

of small mind, relative mind…

To compare, analyze, categorize and file,

It never ceases,

We live in a continual atmosphere

of self-talk, a river unremitting.


What we say is “real”  is always about choice

and at the heart of what makes us free sovereign beings.

We make our choices based on how we feel,

So, we could say, “I feel, therefore I am”


But, even our feelings change.

All forms of propaganda in this

overly politicized world is designed

to target and manipulate your feelings,

which are then funnelled into particular

beliefs about what you should think,

according to the many ideological schools

of philosophy, science, religion and politics.


But where is the “I AM” in all of this?

Is my “I Am” a thought-belief

or a state of simply being

where no thought exists?


When we seek peace, sublime peace

Does it come from a thought

or an indescribable “Still Point”

where thought gives way to emptiness?


When we want to know the truth

is it what someone else tells us to believe

or what we access from our own deep inner knowing?

A knowing that only comes from listening

to our intuitive heart…our 6th “inner” sense.


We lived historically and now currently,

where so many forces

are vying for the attention of our minds,

(just think of the military use of the word “attention”)

and using our emotions to shape what we think

so we will endorse what others expect us to believe.


Don’t be afraid to think and feel for yourself.

Question everything, and then,

Be still and know that place called

Universal Mind…Unity Consciousness

and the God-Source within, around, and behind

All That Is (however you relate to that reference).


Because, as you think, so it is

As you feel, so you will act

And as you are, in stillness,

So shall you discover the inexplicable wisdom,

and Harbinger of Absolute Reality.

-TruGuy Starhorse

(April 24, 2024)