To Shine -Oct. 22, ’22


“Throughout these challenging times
the greatest test we are facing
is how will we stand in our resolve.
Many efforts are being deployed
to break us down, to cripple our will,
to have us submit to the dictates
of media-driven false truths.
This has always been the way
with the institutional hijacking
of what to believe and how to act.
The heinous preponderance of this now
is off the scale, and so easily effective
with so many hanging their heads
in servitude to their “smart” phones,
TVs, virtual games, and various other mechanisms
designed to keep us hungry to respond
to the next ringtone.
Remember (if you can) when you reveled in
the privacy of your own time,
to watch the world in whatever way
you wished,
to not be constantly on the edge
of incessant notifications,
to not be constantly told how to interpret
what was going on around you?
We are very much unsuspecting participants
in a massive video game increasingly
overshadowing and blurring the lines of reality.
A plastic apple may appear real
but it can never nourish and satisfy
what the body and mind truly need.
And as our hunger grows
from being alienated from real nourishment,
our ability to choose for ourselves becomes desperate.
Such desperation leads us to hand our will
over to something outside of ourselves
to do the providing; the quality of which,
we are no longer able to distinguish.
So, what can we do under the weight
of such conditions?
We can begin to listen and rediscover ourselves
as never before, by using the tools
built into the very fabric of our being.
That longing for peace and quiet,
That intuitive knowing is always
speaking in the background behind the babble,
That urge to find pleasure in whatever way
we are drawn to be creative,
to laugh with a child and dance in the joy
of our innocence,
To touch the earth, feel the soft moss beneath our feet,
and feel the rain and snow as we look up
revitalizing our faces,
To see and acknowledge great privileges
freely given when we say yes to life,
When we seize the gifts of kindness to ourselves
and others,
To shine a light upon all manner of darkness,
To remain inspired despite the weary entourage of negativity.
The greatest learning opportunity now
is to Shine our light upon every hill,
To know that we are the ones,
every one of us, being called to show the way.
First to ourselves, and then to every person,
animal, tree, child, stream, field and all
that we encounter, that Love is the
Truth and mainstay of existence,
of all that, we seek.
As the fresh snow falls today and brings a hush
across the white wonderland
may we all awaken renewed and invigorated,
To Shine that precious beauty
never lost or forgotten in the deepest parts of ourselves.”
TruGuy Starhorse Oct. 22 ‘22