Multidimensional Beings


“What we ‘think’ we are are
is much less than what
we ‘know’ we are.
To actually know
is to feel the essence of things.
We are striving for a false sense
of power when we only think about our reality.
Thinking is a tool for constructing
and using comparison to weigh an outcome.
Knowing is an instant form of manifestation,
that uses feelings and imagination
to express our infinite Being.
There is a certain distance (illusion)
between thinking and feeling.
The feeling is direct.
Thinking requires travel.
Time and Space are a house of mirrors.
Our current “awakening” is closing this gap.
What we have been experiencing
for many years in the spiritual and socio-political realms
is a battle for control over the human mind,
all for the sake of gaining power “over”.
This arises from desperate feelings of impotence.
It is the grand illusion and irony
that those appearing to have authority
over the final word on truth
are actually desperately wanting
authority over you,
because they cannot claim
any form of systemic truth that speaks
to the essence of who and where YOU are,
and must trick you into allowing them
to think for you.
It is a game of empty shells,
a riddle only to the mind
but never to the heart.
You do not have to gain power
since you already have all you need.
Doubting this is what makes you
hand your power over to someone else.
This is what is behind the dissemination
of endless information that is contradictory,
to make you doubt your own inner knowing
of the truth.
We are multidimensional beings
moving through and beyond
a purely linear way of seeing and understanding.
We are each, in essence, fractals
constantly creating order out of chaos,
Using the beauty of our minds
only as far as it leads us to the vast
dimensions of knowing and creating instantly.
It is our profound realization that we
move and have our Being
within a Cosmic Mind where Love
is our consummate guide.
Trust the Knowing you are…our time has come.”
-Tru Starhorse Oct. 21, ‘22
Image by Ben Johnson from Pixabay