The Show Must Go On -Oct. ’22


“I heard a song recently called
“The Show Must Go On”
The person singing the song was fully embodied
in the performance.
He was the show.
Although the lyrics of the song were identifying
an external phenomenon,
the idea that what has been prepared by so many
must go on despite any difficulties that may arise,
and the mechanics of the production
cannot be interrupted.
These elements have been planned
and prepared for and provide the skeleton,
the skin and bones and framework for its manifestation.
However, something else is occurring
that the mechanics cannot completely control,
And that is the performer,
the inspired passion rising up in the performer,
that surrender and abandonment of what
is performing the performer,
that life force flowing through
every crack and crevice of full expression.
Something occurs that can be called transcendent,
not only for the performer
but for the listener as well,
A magnificent contagion of bliss and oneness.
In such moments, the performer has stepped
completely outside of the mechanics and even themselves,
and becomes what can never be anticipated
or predicted…the inner heart of what takes
the outer shell of the “show” beyond itself.
Think of this as a metaphor for current world affairs.
The mechanics of the “show” being paraded
before us by way of media
and deviously skewed narratives,
and their push for compliance and endorsement,
is the show that certain parties must relentlessly go on with.
It is the framework that we are being told to perform by.
But here’s the clincher…US!
The passion and desire within each of us
for something more than the straightjacket of conformity.
The awakened freedom within every soul’s inherent
nature to soar beyond all confines externally dictated.
The potent will of a defiant child who shatters the rules
of restraint and limitation,
not to be disrespectful but to loosen the chains
of imposed dominance in order to experience
the juice of full embodiment and the limitless bounds of joy.
We are the actors who make up the play.
We are the bearers of what is truly possible.
It is not in our nature to be denied;
to be kept small.
Our wingspan is glorious and the skies welcome us
to fly with jubilant passion.
Anything less, and we become but a pale shadow of our radiance.
The dark veils of doubt, fear, division, judgment, struggle and apathy
are not here in vain,
But are the mud from which the lotus grows.
Only through embracing the dirt of what we have forsaken
and held as unworthy within us can we find
and become the Light of our own emancipation,
as we sing and shout our essence upon every mountain top.
To feel and release our love and passion to the fullest
expression of our spirit is the greatest show on Earth
And THAT is the show that will and must go on.”
-Tru Starhorse Oct. 24th, ‘22