Timeless Flow

To Live in the now
is to live in the natural order
of how life unfolds harmoniously
and in balance.
Time is a human construct,
and our attempt to control the natural order
by imposing social order.
All we need to know
about being in balance
is available to us right now.
Every action or inaction
is immediately informing us
about what will bring harmony or calamity.
Suffering is a by-product of control.
All our ails have arisen
from our inability and flat-out refusal
to cooperate with nature and each other.
We talk about climate change
as if it is something outside of ourselves,
as if it is something we have to control
and can be altered by some external means
when in reality, it is our internal climate
that needs changing.
The human body, as with Nature,
is governed by cycles, not by time.
We distort the beauty and grace of life
with the imposition of time.
Schedules, “dead” lines, and being “on” time
suffocates the natural flow of order
and the free flow of expression
from which balance and harmony arise.
The body knows what to do and when,
and does it every day without
imposing our will upon it.
When I am attentive and present to myself
I know exactly what is required
of me to be in cooperation with myself
and everything around me.
My identification with time
has made me feel haunted by the past
and anxious about the future,
two conditions that deny me
abiding peace with the present and awareness
of the guiding principles of Now.
If there were no time,
impatience would disappear.
We would move through life
with the ease of a leaf
gently floating downstream.
Expectations are the precursors to disappointment.
Where I am now is teaching me where to go
and how to be, and when I listen,
time becomes irrelevant.
Life and natural order, when not meddled with,
takes care of itself within its timeless flow.
-Tru Starhorse Dec. 14th, ’22
(Image by Joe from Pixabay)