The Dream Of A Beautiful Mind


Beyond the sensibilities
of our conditioned minds,
There sits an ocean of Wonder,
The proverbial current of three minds in one,
Each in Divine Harmonious flow,
Each speaking in tongues
so beautiful as to lift each voice
into songs of angelic praise,
where not even an atom,
or subatomic particle,
are lost to silence or alienation.
The circle becomes complete.
The spiral calls all dissonance to spin
into the Oneness of a whirling Dervish.
The broken wings of flight repaired,
The desolate cries of the forgotten remembered,
Empty bellies filled with joyous nectar,
Hope restored to the forsaken,
War and suffering dissolved,
Love forgives where judgment was,
Arms held wide in communion,
A world and land in divine resonance,
Dancing like snowflakes falling from heaven,
Gently, abundantly, gracefully, peacefully, lovingly.
Thus, all that has been held
in confusion and division transforms,
Found within the crystalline fields
of a Beautiful Mind, a Cosmic mind,
Felt in the heart, as God’s Loving Mind.
May beauty Be
Before me,
Behind me,
Beside me,
Above me,
Below me
And all around me.
May I walk in beauty this day, every day,
In all ways.
So it shall be,
And so it is.
Tru Starhorse Dec. 21st, 2022