The Art of Not Knowing -11.12.22


Ideas are eternally existing patterns
of which individual things in any class
are imperfect copies.
They fall like rain,
woven by intention
and spun into possibilities
of the impossible.
The mind swells with an infinitude
of thought projections,
Hurling into space like comets
as they navigate a vastness
never completely known,
forever seeking a place to land.
I am a permeable membrane of thought,
an illusive passing manifestation of plasmic dust,
seeking grounds that can
eternally birth me
yet, does not this birth
bloom and bellow
from vacancy and void,
from the impulsivity of Source,
never quite knowing its fulfillment,
for want of something more to be imagined?
And each step forward ushers in
that which knows beyond knowing,
blending the elements
of reason and empiricism
into patterns of orientation
as we come to realize that our greatest insights
emerge most profoundly and quietly
through the subtle prodding
and artful craft of not knowing
as we, like a blind man
feel our way through life.
-Tru Guy Starhorse 11.12. 22