Thoughtful Moments

-The Law of Harmonics-
When a question is asked
the answer is contained within it, because All solutions
are revealed by resonating with its higher vibration.
The lower aspect of a question reaches for the answer in the higher dimensions of harmonious resonance, just like the beautiful harmonious frequencies of musical notes trigger their overtones.
So, the ancient adage,
“Ask, and it shall be given unto you”
is speaking of the relationship between the Harmonic lower and higher dimensions,
and how the answer
is the flip side of the question.
Be still, and you will know.
This is Universal Law.
Trust and Surrender.
Throughout my nighttime slumber
Sweet whispers fell and spoke so clear
Joy will guide all that you seek
Creation comes from one’s good cheer.
Even when the path seems bleak
Delight in everything you meet
Your joy confounds that which you fear
And Shadows will fall before your feet.
-TruGuy Starhorse
I was given a lesson the other day about how

we all want to be accepted for who we are.

It can be difficult and humbling at times
when others challenge us about HOW
we are being ourselves when we
allow our defensive postures to take over
in order to control the conversation
and the feedback we are receiving.
Defensiveness is a desperate attempt
to preserve our need for acceptance
and to be seen in the way
we think we should be acknowledged.
This ironically shuts the door to being accepted
since it prevents others from sharing their insights
and wishes to be seen and accepted for who they are.
Ultimately, when we release our need
to be validated and accepted by others,
we can invest in our own self-acceptance.
We can then relax and allow
all interactions with others to simply flow.
In doing so, we discover
that there is no right or wrong.
There is only that which is,
until it is, no longer.
Accepting this and each other in this way
sets all of us free to be ourselves,
beyond our attachment to conflict
and our need to be right.