Humility of Heart -April 2023

Tarry not at the parlour of ego,
at the amusement of flashy pride.
Look but briefly into the pool
of your reflection
that you may escape
the temptations of self-importance,
and the vacuous allure of palatial awe,
grand as it may seem,
but empty of that which humbles the heart.
To see magnificence in every particle,
the unassuming brilliance
inconspicuously present in the simplicity of things.
True power resides within such modesty,
Genius is born behind the scenes,
from the unassuming surrender to the mystery,
and that which breaks one’s hardened heart.
The Phoenix of Genius rises
from the ashes of despair,
as defeat becomes our victory
and failure our success.
Only when I have fallen
am I shown the way to the summit.
The meek shall inherit the earth,
not in remaining small,
but in seeing the greatness in small things,
and in being of service to such realization.
And so it is, that which we are,
children of sweet innocence,
playing in the fields of wondrous delight,
joyously open with anticipation,
to fully engage in the art of living,
beyond the games of artifice,
where nothing and no one
is greater than another.
-Tru Starhorse April 10th, 2023
(Image by THANHVU Vũ from Pixabay)