Reflections-BEING in Mexico

🌺Revelations-BEING In Mexico🌺
Perspective is everything.
Change your perspective and new worlds reveal themselves.
Simplicity is Bliss, not ignorance.
Beauty is everywhere even if you can’t see it.
Every experience brings a blessing when you surrender to what is.
Love and Kindness is the first impulse and desire in everything.
Defensiveness arises when you are resisting growth and expansion.
Transformation is only available when you are.
Humility is the act of being generous, gracious, and powerful beacons of creative gentleness.
Water is a super conducive high-frequency generator.
The wind is the soothing and disrupting breath of Truth.
Within stillness, all in-Sights emerge.
Zero-point ecology replenishes itself.
Companionship is the joy of being many in one.
Sovereignty is self-governing.
To have and let go is Divine Flow.
The screen of life is undisturbed by the activities being played out upon it.
What we truly need to transmute all apparent limitations is all around us and has been provided by the Prime Creator.
The New Earth is here Now, angelically proclaiming itself through the hearts of every early morning birds 🐦 song 🎵 ❤
-TruGuy Starhorse 🙏🏻🦄🌴💗🌤