The Sounds Of Life

What sounds in your life
make you take a pause,
and have you step back for a moment
as if to see and feel life differently?
What sounds grate against you
and make you want to run away?
When was the last time
you heard a friend comfort you
in such a way that the sound of their voice
along with their words soothed your soul?
Do you remember those moments
when you hear a child speaking
to their parent where the lilt, timbre,
and rhythm of their voice
put a sweet smile on your face,
or those times a cat’s purr
calmed your busy mind?
And how about when the sound of silence
was like music to your ears?
The gentle arpeggios of a guitar
can draw you into deep reflection.
A warm refreshing wind
can transport you to memories
of adventures long forgotten.
A Loon calling its mate
from across a lake at night
can fill you with a sense
of nature’s mystery.
The invigorating voice of a storyteller
can command your ears to listen
more intently with anticipation.
The comfort of listening to a river flow.
The hush across the land
from freshly fallen snow.
A chorus of Geese flying in formation.
The pregnant pause of life
as the morning sun begins to rise.
That song that seems to be
speaking specifically to you.
Such is the parade of all that is sound,
even as our thoughts echo in our heads.
The ebb and flow of ocean waves
speak of the undulating pulse
and transitory nature of life,
reminding us to take that pause
to deeply listen to the heartbeat
of our existence.
I warmly invite you to join us
for The Sound Of Love
taking place this Saturday
at the Cardel Theatre in Calgary.
An experience that will excite, entice,
and enliven your ever-present listener within.
-TruGuy Starhorse