Search for the Beloved

When I consider and reflect on the repository that my body and collective unconscious are, I realize that a vast collective wisdom resides within each of us.
There is a deep remembering beneath the surface levels of our identities.
We do not hear these deeper reservoirs of insight and connection because of the superficial static of competition, survival, social conflict, and controlling ideological hierarchy constantly stupefying and demanding our attention.
Systematic thinking has dominated and monopolized our approach to discernment.
This is the energetic principle of Logos and the masculine orientation in terms of social order and mastery.
Left exclusively to its own devices, logos leans toward conquest and leaves us imbalanced.
This is why the feminine energetic principle is rising now, and is much needed in order to bring us back to balance.
Eros is concerned with the interrelationship of psyche and nature.
It is a systemic, rather than systematic, unifying principle showing us the interconnecting layers of existence helping us to preserve and respect the differences between us as we partner with the planet and engender the universal harmony of the soul.
In the words of Jean Huston, “Denied and suppressed for thousands of years, the goddess archetype returns at a time when the breakdown of the old story leaves us desperate for love, for security, for protection, for meaning.
It leaves us yearning for the nurturing and cultivation of our whole being so that we might be adequate stewards of the planetary culture” [and the future we leave to our children].
I am in search of the Beloved in all things and am working to bring together and offer a process using songs, poetry, storytelling, and practical exercises to help inspire each of us in our search for, and discovery of, the Beloved within and without.
Stay tuned.
-TruGuy Starhorse
(Image by beate bachmann from Pixabay)