Right and Wrong?

To reflect on how many times I have done what I thought was the “right” thing only to find myself experiencing the “wrong” outcome or result.
It has left me to question, “What is right and wrong” and is it something defined by contrasting social values or something beyond dualism and the ping pong game of incessant reactions?
What if all brutality, gluttonous greed, and indifference arise from two primary sources; Pain and Fear?
And do we not try to be free of such discomfort by grasping for power outside ourselves and taking someone else’s power away?
What if there is no right way,
only the choices that teach us how to find peace and compassion?
Those choices begin to dissolve retribution and vengeance.
Does forgiveness begin with me deeply forgiving myself first, allowing it to spread to everyone as I remember the admonition “Let he who has not fallen (sinned) cast the first stone?”
The suffering taking place in the world is being generated by ignorance, arrogant self-righteousness, and fear.
It is the twisted playground of a Small Mind.
Conscious and loving awareness is the only way to bring about our emancipation.