The Sound Of Love

Listen, not to the words I say,
But to the tone and rhythm of their sway.
Listen, to the morning’s rising sun,
to the emerging chorus of life,
to the crisp leaves clapping,
to the disappearance of dew upon the grass.
Listen, to the rapture of a lover’s gaze,
to the heartbeat of ecstasy,
to the consummate song of love.
Listen, to the eye of the storm,
never leaving the stillness within,
to that which cannot be disturbed.
Listen, to your supplicating heart
before the words come out,
to beckon the hope of anticipation.
Listen to the voiceless mummer’s Play,
to the life behind the mask,
to the shining glint of sight peering through.
Listen, to the anguish never shared,
held tightly to the breast behind closed eyes,
along the narrow hallways
that echo nameless tears.
Listen, to the inner urging depths,
whose call has been with you for years.
Listen, to your resistance and denial,
to the very truth you know you cannot mute,
to the liberation you have secretly prayed for.
Listen, to the nervous and slender smile of acceptance,
the open arms welcoming your ship to harbour,
the home you never thought you would find.
Listen, to your heroic determination,
to be like no other,
facing the storm of life with gracious courage,
unafraid of the seasons of change,
knowing you are eternal.
Listen to your final breath,
its clarion call to a new beginning,
the releasing sigh of redundancy,
the weightless wings of renewal.
Listen, to the shimmering light
cast upon windswept pine needles,
whose elusive whispers tease your matchless grasp.
Listen, to your beating heart,
to its polyrhythms with All That Is,
to its entanglement with everything.
Listen, to the silence of being here now,
to the gestating pregnancy of potential,
to the song you long to hear,
among the chaotic rafters of your thoughts.
There is so much to be felt and heard
between each vibrational note that is…
The Sound Of Love.
-TruGuy Starhorse ❤ ❤ ❤ (October 3rd, 2023)
Image by Dieter from Pixabay