The Freedom and Power of Disbelief

*The Freedom and Power of Disbelief*
When we come to realize
that we are the sum total
of All That Is
and ever will be,
Then we can take leave,
Leave that which we have been
taught to believe.
What if the real truth
is that there is nothing to Believe,
where beauty, love, and truth just IS?
It relates to the idea of nihilism,
…the idea that nothing in the world
has a real existence.
This is so poignantly captured when we
refer to the idea of the matrix,
as represented by the movie, The Matrix,
a simulation overlaid upon the Source,
the original Source of All That Is,
which is immutable.
We come from everything
and nothing at the same time.
This is the fundamental mystery of spirit
and of our soul’s essence.
Believing in something
must come from someone
telling us what to believe,
Hence, the creation of “authority”
and the artificial power that is bestowed
upon those claiming to have the power
to tell you what the truth is.
Think of it this way;
Our true nature is like that of a child,
and as such, we are like a wild uncultivated garden.
All varieties within the garden
find their natural place with abandon
where the order is found within what appears
to be a kind of harmonious chaos.
Everything finds its place without being
under some form of authority
since nature allows for order
to be found in chaos.
It expresses a kind of symbiotic courtesy.
Imposed authority traps us into obedience
primarily because we have agreed to it.
In doing so we forget that we have the power
and authority to think for ourselves.
All of our beliefs are a kind of superimposed dream,
taught and instilled into us from many cultures over centuries,
so much so that we then ask so-called authorities
to tell us what to believe and how to behave.
This is the matrix and a grand recycling simulation,
which is why AI is becoming more and more
prevalent and influential at this time.
We hand over our unique being-ness
to the role of being a character in a video game.
It is the pervasive and imposing presence
of the demiurge obsessed with controlling
the material world and totally antagonistic
to all that is purely spiritual.
So, believe what you will,
but know that almost everything you believe,
In terms of what you have been told
to believe is not true,
but a clever way to have you indiscriminately give
your own power and authority away.
Beyond belief is simply direct experience
where you get to enjoy
your passionate desire to create,
but always get to begin again with an empty page.
Such an approach makes life infinitely rich
and altruistically generous.
This is the freedom and power of disbelief.
-Tru Starhorse Windwalker (Sept. 10th, 2023