Being A “Whole” Human -Oct. ’22


“Being human is a profoundly elusive experience.
With so many (including myself) speaking of
awakening and ascension,
I find myself detecting an aspect easily passed over,
those elementary trials of my human makeup,
the composite array of human characteristics;
everything from depravity and barbaric
primal instincts to the graciousness
and the subtle realms of selflessness
and illumination.
It seems to me that being a “whole” human being
is a journey through the darkest nights
of our soul to the most eloquent and
sublime expressions of purity.
Our judgments come from comparison
where we decide one thing is preferred
over another, where weakness is bad
and strength is praised…
two qualities that in essence
inform each other.
In our rush to claim the prize of victory
we often want to overlook the obstacles,
as if they are inconveniences and shouldn’t exist.
I cannot respect power if I resent powerlessness.
Each provides a feedback loop
helping me to appreciate the balance of extremes,
the temperance of the wisdom each provides.
These times are so clearly demonstrating this to us,
all that we have buried so deep in our unconscious,
all that we haven’t wanted to look at;
our indifference, superficiality, addiction, dominance,
provocation, pride, psychosis and so much more…
thinking that hiding these things behind the curtain
of our awareness would relegate them
as insignificant and without purpose.
The “great awakening” is not about forgetting
and ignoring what is the underbelly of
human expression but the full
integrative passage of bringing
all shadows into the light.
This is why the chaos all around us
is occurring,
not to keep us embroiled in endless debate
where so many camps are demanding
to be heard in order to justify their position,
but to finally actually listen,
to finally see ourselves being mirrored back
to each other,
so that through such humility and transparency
we can help each other to heal
and transform our collective wounds
into compassion and loving-kindness,
as we build upon the frailties and resilience
of our potential into what it means
to be a “Whole” human being and
the One Family we truly are and as Love’s offspring,
have always been.”
-Starhorse Oct. 27th, ‘22