The Journey

The journey to ultimate freedom
traverses the vast terrain of free choice,
whether it be toward darkness or light.
Every experience is a passage
for greater discernment about
what enslaves us to fear and limitation
or what brings about our expansion and enlightenment.
Our ego and its attachment to power and control
via material reality creates
our own self-induced enslavement,
and those who are similarly driven
by their ego’s attachment to power and control
use this as their battleground with others to resolve
a deep sense of unworthiness and emptiness.
No matter what path we are on,
we are all in some way walking each other home…
to that Source of Oneness from which we came,
and to come to it through our free
individualized conscious experiences.
Freedom is always an inside job.
-Tru Starhorse Feb. 24, 2023