Heart-Based Consciousness

The essence of our work now
is not on the political level
but on our individual willingness to integrate
the energy of our hearts into our lives.
Surrendering the will of our third chakra
to the compassionate receptivity
of our fourth chakra, the heart,
allows unity to be felt within diversity.
Politics is always about the manipulation of power
over each other, nature, and our exerting
some kind of control.
Surrender, when not seen from
an ego-based consciousness is about Trust
and releasing the coercive shackles of fear.
Surrender is the recognition
that there is a natural flow to life,
the liberating experience of
“Live and let live”.
It is the art of effortless living…
“…be, therefore, like the birds
who neither sow nor reap,
yet are always provided for…”
When we surrender to the heART of life
we always find what serves us best.
This is the spiritual longing and knowing of our soul,
when we become fully present in it
struggle surrenders to a deep trust
as all our needs become known and provided for.
Collective freedom is born
from our individual acts of surrender and trust,
We no longer navigate our journey
from a place of control and fear.
This is what it means to evolve
beyond an ego-based consciousness
into a heart-based consciousness.
This is the Ascension Process.
-TruGuy Starhorse Feb. 26, 2023 ❤ ❤
(Image by svklimkin from Pixabay)