The Perfection of Imperfection


What is the nature of perfection
within imperfection?
How does this apparent contradiction
serve and speak to us?
What comes to mind
are the initial limitations of infancy
and the early stages of growth.
The birth of all things
emerges clumsy and very
vulnerable at first,
It is an imperfect manifestation
of potential.
As a child explores their environment
it gains confidence and awareness
of what is possible.
We see this with all creatures.
We are encoded with a
frequency of perfection,
and as we step more and more into it
we expand into a fuller experience
of embodiment.
Our supposed imperfections
are a gateway to what
teaches us more about ourselves.
What we call imperfect
is that which reveals
the perfection behind and within it.
Limitations make us strive
for the more, we can feel
within us,
It becomes our guide
to what we already possess.
But a very important thing
is required of us…
To trust and have faith.
When a child falls,
it does not question or hesitate
to get up and try again,
it has faith in its ability
to be victorious.
And although we all can benefit
from being encouraged,
it is our own courage
and faith in ourselves
that keeps us moving forward.
No one can do this for us.
We stand alone with our
illusions of imperfection
as fuel to break through them.
The perfection of imperfection
teaches us wisdom,
and is simply a feedback loop
of the joy of discovery,
and the song each of us,
through our creative will,
came here to sing and celebrate.
-TruGuy Starhorse Feb. 22nd, 2023 (2-22)
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay