The Journey -Nov. 13th, ’22


The journey of life is complex
and simple at the same time.
What begins as a trickle
becomes a torrent
depending on the many
twists and turns circumstances take.
I start out possessing the innocence
of a child yet within the layers
of my accumulated lifetimes
are my many storylines
still working themselves out.
As Einstein stated,
energy can neither be created nor destroyed
only converted from one form of energy
to another.
To my mind, this means that I am
living within an infinite feedback loop.
All my actions, thoughts, and feelings
are conversions of energy
from one form to another.
Although I may feel I am a victim
of outside forces, I am in fact,
the creator of those very forces
through what I do with what I am experiencing.
As I become more aware of how I
manifest my results at any given moment,
the more I begin to take response-ability
and exercise the power of choice.
It seems that Great Nature allows us to forget
in order to protect us from what we feel
we cannot grasp or handle,
But this forgetfulness is only temporary
and will always bring further challenges
to jolt us into remembering ourselves
as the powerful creators that we are.
My intuitive sense tells me
that our lifetimes of accumulated Karma,
both personal and collective,
have caught up with us,
bringing us to everything we are facing now.
The journey of a thousand lifetimes
are being splayed out on the screen
of each and every moment I am living now.
I can change my scenery to try to avoid
what I have to face in order to live an illusion of freedom,
but it will not change the fact that
I cannot escape myself.
All streams become rivers that ultimately
pour into the vast ocean of my own consciousness,
And as I awaken to this unavoidable truth
I am shaken to the core of all my pseudo-comforts,
not to shatter me into a thousand pieces
of broken glass, but to remold me
into crystalline embers of Light
whereby Love can fulfill its most gracious gift
and promise…my own transfiguration.
-TruGuy Starhorse Nov. 13th,’22
Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash