Revelations of a Raven Dream


“Last night I had a very vivid dream
that involved Ravens…two in particular.
The most lasting and memorable impression
occurred just prior to waking.
As I reflected on the experience
I was quite compelled to write about it,
and about the symbolic characteristics
of the Raven as told by different cultures,
as well as some of my own intuitive inner standing.
What and how I am being guided to share
about this dream and its association with the Ravens
pertains to a number of messages
highly important to the current times we are living in.
The scene I was immersed in while dreaming
involved some kind of community that was
gathering to receive an important message.
I was only aware of one person
directly in my presence after two ravens
flew and perched briefly before us.
They then flew off making their familiar crowing/cawing sound.
They had left a message with what felt to be
my other self who was there with me.
This other persona that was with me
appeared to be associated with my Feminine…
hence the presence of “two” ravens.
She had been given a message from the ravens
and wrote it down, handing me the inscribed words
whose appearance was highly symbolic
and quite difficult to read.
As the masculine counterpart to my feminine
I was being guided to speak out the message
and did so with a thick raven-like accent to my voice.
This felt like the bringing of balance between the Masculine and Feminine.
In essence, the message stated that
nothing outside of ourselves can fully
represent the path we must now embark on
to re-invent and fully embody who we are,
and are becoming.
All our actions must be informed by a harmonious relationship between our masculine and feminine.
The heart of the meaning behind this
dreamy mystical encounter has to do with facing…
-The power of self-will and determination
-A need to cleanse and purge what no longer serves you
-Your innate intelligence and the wisdom of your intuition
-The challenge to think for yourself in solving complex problems
-The “shape-shifting” ability to illuminate and engage
in mental and subconscious change.
-The wisdom and teachings arising from your heart
requiring you to surrender to the many forces you cannot see
that exist within your hologenetic body-mind.
For many traditions, the other attributes of the Raven are:
Norse Mythology: Odin had two ravens on his shoulder who
followed him as his Shadow (named Muninn-memory and
Huginn-thought, serving as advisers.
Celtic Mythology: Battle honing the skills of warfare ( our current battle is with ourselves)
Japanese Mythology: A three-legged raven known as Yatagarasu symbolizes
divine intervention in human affairs.
Native American Culture: Seeing a raven means a change is underway and perceived as a positive change.
They signify transformation and even death as that which initiates and completes
a cycle of life.
In the Bible: A valuable messenger, teacher, and scout that is known for agility, adaptability, and stamina.
Generally and especially in dreams, ravens are a form of guidance and protection that emphasize using your gut feelings
to deal with any situation. They possess the qualities of wisdom, afterlife, trickery, intelligence,
complex problem-solving, prophesy, and longevity.
They are great allies in difficult times which is why I was compelled to share all this information with you.
May the Raven be with you as you navigate the many avenues of change you are facing.”
-Tru Starhorse Nov. 10th, ‘22
(Image by Enrique Meseguer from Pixabay)