Pressing On


Hesitation will cause you
to sink further into the quicksand
of your doubts,
as you become ensnared in the
tentacles of the mind’s incessant tendency
to entertain every possible contradiction of thought.
It is like being on trial
where the language of legalese
is designed to entrap you into
giving your power away
to forces beyond your control,
making you so confused
that you freely surrender your will
to those you hope to have your
best interests at heart,
only to find that your best interests
become lost to preclusions
already decided without your consent.
To hesitate is to allow life to pass you by,
as the current of activity all around you
becomes stronger the longer you stand still.
Losing your grasp
of the rudder that can steer your course
comes from seeking surety
and the illusion of safety.
Only I can bail myself out of a sinking ship.
Our doubts make us think
we cannot find our way
amidst the vicissitudes of life,
and yet we have all found ourselves
in circumstances, we thought
we couldn’t navigate,
only to find that when we pressed on
all manner of ingenuity and assistance
came to bear.
We were shown that in the deepest
reservoirs of turmoil it is our resilience
and resolve to press on that reveals
the many assets available to us,
things we would have never discovered
if we had not stepped forward in faith,
however, not just faith, but also the many
examples held within the archives
of our previous examples of achieving victory.
I ask myself, “How can I doubt the
magnificent convergence of energy and love
that brought me into existence,
that which never fails to make my heart beat,
my breath to cycle, and my body to speak?”
It is only in my fears that I lose my way,
that I question what has always been
the steadfast pulse of the universe,
and it is only in my courage to press on
that the promise of renewal and redemption
become ever-present and available,
as I become the master of my own circumstances.
and a Beacon of Light for all those
currently hesitating to act upon
the Truth they can feel in their bones!
Press on, dear ones…you are not alone!
-Tru Starhorse Nov. 15th, ‘22
(Photo by Bernd Dittrich on Unsplash)